Frequently Asked Questions

You have Questions, We have Answers!

 Listed below are some of the most commonly customer asked questions however, if you don t  find the answers here please feel free to contact us.

How often should I have my Floors and furniture professionally cleaned?

Greatly depending on the usage and environment, professional cleaning may be needed as often as monthly or as least often as every 2 years. TopSteam can gladly give you a customized recomendation that best fits you.

•What should I do before to prepare for the cleaning visit? 

We ask that you remove all breakables, electronics, precious and personal items from the surface areas of service or from objects to moved during cleaning if possible. The rest you can basically leave to us.

•How long will it take to do my job?

On average, carpet cleaning may take 15-20 minutes per room and tile and grout floors take approx. 30-40 minutes per room. Keep in mind, TopSteam will always take the time needed for quality results so,  times can vary based upon conditions.

•How long will it take to dry?

Generally, carpet drying time is between 4-8 hours and upholstery only 1- 4 hours based upon the indoor atmospheric conditions

•What size of a room is considered an area? 

Any room that is up to 250 ft.²

(25’ x 10’)

•Do you have a guarantee? 

TopSteam stands behind our work with our Ironclad Commitment to get it right for you. If you are not Completely satisfied with the job, please let us know as soon as possible.

•Why Should I Apply protecting and deodorizing  treatments? 

There are many benefits of applying a protective treatment. Increasing vacuum and spot cleaning abilities are just two. The Odor control product that is applied is not just a deodorizer, it is a anti-bacterial treatment. This product helps rid of odor causing bacteria at the source.

•How should I care for and maintain  my carpet in between professional cleanings?

Routine vacuuming and Proper spot cleaning is the key. This alone can greatly reduce the abrasive effects of dry soil and permanent stain setting.