Useful Tips

Helpful Carpet problem Tips:

Indentations from furniture re-arrangement are a normal phenomenon in carpet. Sometimes, the situation is self-correcting when the furniture is moved and the carpet backings and pile are allowed to re-acclimate. In other cases, vacuuming coupled with light brushing can bring up the indented areas. In extreme cases, the indentation can be covered with a damp towel and steamed with an iron for a few seconds, followed by brushing while warm to "resurrect" the pile in that area. Nylon carpet pile (about 70 percent of residential carpet) responds particularly well to this procedure


According to the IICRC, the following four-step process is the best way to successfully remove odor from your carpet:

1. Remove the source of the odor, as practical (absorb liquids, scoop solids)

2. Thoroughly clean odor-affected surfaces and materials. Cleaning is basic to deodorizing

3. Treat the odor source with an appropriate odor counteractant (sanitizer, disinfectant, enzyme)

4. Seal restorable surfaces, such as subflooring, if practical

Many sources of odor, including pet urine and tobacco smoke, require specialized procedures and techniques and are best addressed by a certified professional.

To make a carpet brighter, sprinkle salt onto the carpet and let it stand for an hour before vacuuming it up. Salt is also effective in removing muddy footprints.

 Isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol) Can be a safe and very effective Cleaning agent  when attempting to remove ink or cosmetics Especially if you can get to it before it dries.

As always if you cannot completely remove the

spot It is important to try to temporarily keep it damp until you do. This will help keep the stain from setting.